The feminine curves of Venus is a perfect representation of the planet’s sign of love, beauty and kindness.

Being the hottest plant in the solar system, it’s also Ztarx’s hottest series as the World’s First inflatable cylindrical lantern.


Saturn’s elliptical shape mimics the most notable characteristic of the planet’s large and complex system of rings that makes it visually unique.

Similar to the planet, Ztarx’s most visually unique product series with an elliptical shape as well as the World’s First inflatable LED speaker.


Uranus is an ice giant that not visible to the naked eye and also the lightest plant of the solar system.

This series are circular flat LED disc that is designed to be standalone magnetic LED light source for our range of World’s First detachable inflatable LED products.


Jupiter as the largest planet in the solar system, can be bright enough for its reflected light to cast shadows.

This series are spherical shape, insert of inflatable LED lantern and speaker with diameters ranging from 0.22 meters to as large as 2 meters or above.


Mars’ rectangular prism shape and neat edges portray a masculine energy which reflects the planet of passion, drive and courage.

Similar to the planet which is harsh as it is mostly covered with carbon dioxide & volcanoes, Mars is also Ztarx’s most masculine product series with a cubical shape just for the masculine-at-heart.