Who is Ztarx

  • Patented product development

  • Growth history of Ztarx
  • Own brand with advance technique

What you get from ZTARX?
  • Production quality assurance without costly design collaboration
  • Professional co-ordination & synergistic collaboration1) ZTARX BATT: a series of AAA-battery powered inflatable lantern with various lantern housing material as well as various lighting options. This product boasts a 60-hour runtime with a set 3 AAA-batteries. Convenience and practicality for cloudy days!

    2) ZTARX SPLIT: a series of ‎ detachable solar-powered inflatable lantern. The concept is to match and mix a single universal solar-powered LED light panel with a potentially unlimited no. of lamp shades of various designs and graphics catering for an outdoor adventure, festivals and seasonal celebrations. More designs in the pipeline for different occasion like Easter, etc.

    3) ZTARX Sound: a series of inflatable solar-powered inflatable lantern. The LEDs generate 8 different colored lights dancing along with the music to set the right mood to set the right mood and the bluetooth connects with your bluetooth devices to surf the most enchanting music. To top it all up, it is waterproof at IP67; surfs in the swimming pool, sings in the shower and survives in harsh environments like outdoor sailing.

Why do you choose us?
  • ZTARX keeps regular control over quality during production process
  • Emotional benefits -The emotional benefits of ZTARX product are mainly reflected in the feelings and experience, you can send them as gifts for your friends, colleague, family, Lover and so on. ZTARX has different products for different people, As well as some holiday series of products, just like Christmas,
  • Halloween, Valentine’s Day and so on. In short, it will make you and your loved ones more intimate. Functional benefits-The functional benefits of ZTARX product are mainly manifested in practical and
  • lighting effects.When fully charged, A products of ZTARX can last up to ? hours, but it really depends on the model and the brightness setting you’re using. If you fully charge and then use up the entire battery everyday, you’ll get about ? years of use out of just one product. For the more occasional user, a product can last up to 7 years! Applicable to a wide range, And Ztarx has different products for indoor and outdoor, it can be used indoors and outdoors.ZTARX’s product will light up an area of 150 square feet (14 square meters).Our smaller lights, ZTARX will do the same for 100 square feet (9 square meters).
  • ZTARX brand adaptability is strong and popular.
Who are the users of ZTARX?
  • The users of OUTDOOR Hiking/Camping
  • The users of Boating
  • The users of Fishing
  • The users of Driving
  • The users of Playing Water Sports
  • The users of Playing Snow Sports
  • The users of who has a Home(Table/Floor/Ceiling/Garden/Security)
  • The users of Providing Popular Fashion Element
  • The users of Celebrating the Festivals
  • The users of Sending Gifts
  • The users without electricity
ZTARX provides lights to everyone, no matter where they live or how much they can actually afford. In short, the more we sell in the world, the more we can help those in need. You can order from anywhere in the world!